NATC Coordinator (4)

Parting Words from Terry Nguyen

In the blink of an eye, NATC 2017 is now a memory. It was a whirlwind of an adventure planning such a momentous occasion—a celebration of the 20 years of NATC. I was met with familiar and unfamiliar circumstances coming back to work on NATC. Taiko has changed and evolved over the past 20 years, Read More


Collegiate Taiko NATC Scholarship Recipients

With the generosity of our donors, TCA was able to sponsor 4 collegiate students to attend NATC as a participant. Our hope is that attending NATC will help the collegiate students learn more about taiko and the greater taiko community. These 4 students showed interest in NATC and ability to take what they learn at Read More

DC Final Count

Drummers’ Circle 2017: A Creative Community

Throughout the month of June, our fundraising committee has been busy with a crowdfunding campaign for this year’s Drummers’ Circle.  The month long campaign has raised over $38,000 to date, approximately 70% of the $54,000 goal.  Eighteen fundraisers across 10 teams have stepped up for some friendly fundraising competition. We are truly humbled by all Read More


Here Come the Sponsors!

TCA is pleased to announce our sponsors for the 2017 North American Taiko Conference! These generous individuals and organizations have pledged their support for making this year’s conference a success. In the spirit of competition, our sponsors have thrown their support behind their favorite team in the Drummer’s Circle Challenge! We have added their contributions to our Read More