Collegiate Taiko NATC Scholarship Recipients

With the generosity of our donors, TCA was able to sponsor 4 collegiate students to attend NATC as a participant. Our hope is that attending NATC will help the collegiate students learn more about taiko and the greater taiko community. These 4 students showed interest in NATC and ability to take what they learn at NATC back to their collegiate group. If you see them in San Diego, say hi and share your experience!

Anthony Quach

University: UC San Diego

Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Taiko Group: Asayake Taiko

Anthony says “I am looking forward to representing Asayake Taiko and learning from the leaders of the taiko community. I’m very excited to get out of my collegiate bubble and experience taiko from all around.”


Lauren Takeyama

University: Cal Poly Pomona

Major: Civil Engineering

Taiko Group: Touzan Taiko

Lauren says “What I am really looking forward to at this year’s NATC is meeting other taiko players and being able to see how other taiko groups outside of collegiate taiko play. Also, I can’t wait for the Taiko Jam concert on Saturday.”



Shelby Miyamoto-Kim

University: UC Berkeley

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Taiko Group: Raijin Taiko

Shelby says “I am most looking forward to meeting new people and learning about unique, different styles of play.”



Victoria Do

University: UC Riverside

Major: Environmental Engineering

Taiko Group: Senryu Taiko

Victoria says “What I’m most looking forward to is learning about how I can improve my foundations of being a taiko player as well as an exceptional member of the community in order to share the knowledge I have gained within my own group!”