Deadline Extended: Summer Taiko Intensive 2017

TCA has a great opportunity to host two Summer Taiko Institute programs in 2017.  One, a groundbreaking meeting to celebrate and learn about female contributions to our community, and the other a rare opportunity to learn a traditional Japanese artform from a living master.

WOMEN AND TAIKO: PAST PRESENT FUTURE is proposed to happen prior to NATC from 8/8-10/2017. (needs 20 minimum signups.  Currently at 10)

EDO KOTOBUKI JISHI: TRADITIONAL SHISHIMAI OF OLD TOKYO is proposed to happen after NATC from 8/14-16/2017. (needs 16 minimum signups.  Currently at 9)

Summer Taiko Institutes have often happened alongside NATCs, offering a more in-depth taiko learning environment with a smaller group of people.  Typical STI programs have had an attendee pool of 20 people or less and have taken place over the course of 2.5 days.

We want to be sure that both programs will be well attended.

If you’re interested in attending either of these events, please click on the links below to sign up for a preliminary registration. If you are interested but unable to commit at this time, you may sign up as a “maybe” to stay informed of the latest developments. If both of these programs are able to generate enough interest by April 18th, we will move forward with the planning process.