Drummers’ Circle 2017: A Creative Community

Throughout the month of June, our fundraising committee has been busy with a crowdfunding campaign for this year’s Drummers’ Circle.  The month long campaign has raised over $38,000 to date, approximately 70% of the $54,000 goal.  Eighteen fundraisers across 10 teams have stepped up for some friendly fundraising competition.

We are truly humbled by all the efforts that have gone into the Drummers’ Circle this year.  Our crowdfunders have come up with some creative ways to raise some money to ensure a successful NATC for TCA, and we wanted to highlight some of the fun and interesting ways our community has come together!

Remember that you have just over 24 hours to contribute to our regional campaign.  We will be declaring a winner as of 11:59pm on June 30th.  Donations will continue to be collected through the month of July

TEAM SAN DIEGO – Jimbo’s Livestream and Mochi!

NATC 2017’s Equipment Chair, Jimmy Nguyen aka Jimbo N. blended his passion for taiko and cosplay together and hosted a livestream costuming session last weekend to raise money for TCA!

“I was inspired by watching some of my favorite live streamers and live-streamed events on Twitch that give their donations to charity and nonprofit organizations, so I thought doing a live stream myself to work on a costume while bringing in family and friends from multiple communities together would be a great idea!”

Throughout the course of the livestream, Jimmy raised over $350 for NATC, which pushed Team San Diego’s fundraising total past their goal of $3000 to just over $3400!

Jimmy’s Team Captain MOCHI has been equally busy at work, drumming up support from her adoring fans to welcome everyone to San Diego!! Mochi is the third highest fundraiser in the competition and has brought in nearly $2000 for Team San Diego and NATC!  Many thanks to this special pup and her amazing mama, San Diego Local Committee Chair, Diana Wu.



TEAM HAWAII – Paul Sakamoto and the Big Island Taiko Community

There are currently seven taiko groups on the Big Island, and every other year five of them get together to perform in the Big Island Taiko Festival at The University of Hawaii – Hilo’s Performing Arts Center. 2017 marked the fifth Big Island Taiko Festival over the last 10 years. The series began after the Performing Arts Center hosted TAIKOPROJECT and became interested in hosting local taiko groups. These performances are not only great performance opportunities but also serve as community building events for these taiko groups.

This year, at the 2017 Big Island Taiko Festival, Team Hawaii Co-Captain Paul Sakamoto encouraged event organizers to put out a collection basket, and asked the audience to contribute any spare pocket change to the North American Taiko Conference’s Drummers’ Circle campaign. The Big Island Taiko Community raised a whopping $1200 over two nights through a simple collection basket at their concert.



TEAM SO CAL – Yuri’s Recipe Sharing!

SoCal Team Co-Captain Yuri Kanamaru took a creative approach, rewarding the community with a secret family recipe after she surpassed her first fundraising goal of $1000!  Yuri started out early and has remained one of the top fundraisers in the competition, and has promised a second recipe video if she surpasses her next goal of $2500.  She’s about $400 away!

When asked why she decided to fundraise for NATC, Yuri responded, “I decided to fundraise because my first NATC was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. I want attendees to feel that magic and the power of the taiko community whether they are going for the first time or have been going since the first conference”

Also, Team SOCAL’s co-chair, Derek Oye is matching up to $1000 in donations this week! Make your donation go twice as far and contribute before the 30th! –> Derek’s matching video pledge


Check out our other teams by clicking on the links or image below, and remember to make your regional campaign contribution by June 30th!!

Team Canada – Brenda Madsen and Carley Okamura
Team East Coast – Mark H Rooney and Tamiko Ooka
Team Hawaii – Paul Sakamoto and Susan Yuen
Team International – Isabel Romeo Biedma
Team Midwest – Ben Pachter
Team Northwest – Stan Shikuma
Team NorCal – Jane Lin
Team SoCal – Derek Oye and Yuri Kanamaru
Team Southwest – Jennifer Caballero
Taiko Community of San Diego – Mochi