Here Come the Sponsors!

TCA is pleased to announce our sponsors for the 2017 North American Taiko Conference! These generous individuals and organizations have pledged their support for making this year’s conference a success.

In the spirit of competition, our sponsors have thrown their support behind their favorite team in the Drummer’s Circle Challenge! We have added their contributions to our team totals. A handful of sponsors are also challenging their regions to match their donations!  Please see the list below to find out if your region is eligible for one of these matching gifts. Rules for the Matching Challenge are below the list.

Pick your team and Donate Now!

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a NATC sponsor, please visit our Corporate Sponsorship page.

Sponsor LevelSponsor NameTeamAmountMatching Challenge
PlatinumMiyamoto Unosuke ShotenAll$5,000met!
GoldKaiser DrumsInternational ($1,250)
NorCal ($1,250)
SilverBig Island Taiko FestivalHawaii$1,115
Johnny MoriAll$2,000
Derek OyeSoCal$1,000*
Kishin TaikoSoCal$1,000
San Jose TaikoNorCal$1,000*
Soh DaikoEast Coast$1,000*
BronzeAnonymousEast Coast$500
Arashi DaikoCanada$500
Cortez Buddhist ChurchNorCal$500
Cortez JACLNorCal$500
Daren Endo & Kevin LeeSoCal$500
Jack HsiaoSoCal$500
Stan Shikuma - In Honor of Taiko PioneersNorthwest$500
Fushicho DaikoSouthwest$250
Roy & PJ HirabayashiNorCal$250
Jun DaikoNorCal$250
Kaze DaikoNorthwest$250
Sarah & Phil KimSan Diego$250
Kita no TaikoCanada$250
KyoDaiko PhiladelphiaEast Coast$250
Las Vegas Kaminari TaikoSouthwest$250
Maui Specialty ChocolatesHawaii$250
Mark H TaikoEast Coast$250*
Kate MeigneuxSoCal$350
Nimachikai-Bob SauerMidwest$250*
Matt Ogawa, San Jose TaikoNorCal$250
Ohana Taiko of the TACCSan Diego$250
PattyCakesSan Diego$250
Portland TaikoNorthwest$250
Seattle Kokon TaikoNorthwest$250
Lika SeigelNorthwest$250*
Stanford TaikoNorCal$250
Taiko Community San DiegoSan Diego$250
Taiko with ToniSouthwest$400
TaikoArts MidwestMidwest$250
Wisa UemuraNorCal$250*
Uminari TaikoCanada$250
Linda Uyechi & Steve SanoNorCal$250
Yuujou DaikoSoCal$250

About the Matching Challenge:
Sponsors with an asterisk (*) in the Matching Challenge column are challenging their regions to match their donations to the Drummer’s Circle. Here are the rules:

  • Starting at 12:00 noon Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 20th, these donors will start matching the donations made to their designated team, up to the amount indicated.
  • Donations may be made on any individual page within the designated team.
  • Each donation will only be matched by one sponsor. In the case of multiple sponsors for a team, funds will be distributed in the order listed above.
  • Let’s keep this competition fun and friendly.  It’s all for the same cause!