New NATC Schedule

We’re very excited to offer a new type of NATC experience for all attendees.  2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the first North American Taiko Conference held in Los Angeles, CA.  Our community has progressed and changed in the last 20 years, but our approach to NATC has remained fairly unchanged.  This year, we’ve worked hard to come up with a new workshop schedule that builds on the success of the previous NATC structure and addresses some of the feedback and challenges discussed with attendees, instructors and staff.

Here are the main reasons why we have a new workshop structure:

  1.  The ability to serve more participants!  With the revised schedule, we can accommodate more taiko fans within the same timeline of the conference!
  2.  To allow for more “down-time/interaction time”!  We wanted to allow time for regular and relaxed interaction of participants as well as “down-time” for workshop leaders.
  3.  More workshop choices!  This year boasts 56 Workshops, 10 Presentation/Development Sessions and 3 Mini-Intensives for participants to choose from!

In order to achieve these goals, a schedule was proposed and accepted that allowed for 5 workshop sessions over 2 days with discussion sessions running concurrently. Each session is 2.5 hours long (as with the past) and there is a break of 30 min between sessions. This would make everything even busier if it weren’t for the fact that participants will still be getting 3 workshops as well as 1 panel session with their registration. This means that we can also accommodate MORE participants within the same space of time with 60% in taiko workshops, 20% in discussion sessions and 20% with “free time” during any one of the five workshop time-slots.

The exceptions are the mini-intensive participants – they will be in their mini-intensive for 4 out of 5 of the time-slots. The mini-intensives this time around are a new product for NATC in answer to the requests by both participants and instructors in the past to allow for more depth in the experience and for those who are NOT beginners but also NOT professionals to study something more in depth along WITH their contemporaries (thus the idea of having the mini-intensives only open to participants who have been to NATC before – it ensures that they are not missing out on the breadth of the experience and that they have at LEAST 2 years of experience).

We hope these changes allow all of you to experience all that NATC 2017 has to offer. Register early, and we hope to see you in San Diego!

Submitted by Mark H Rooney, 2017 NATC Workshop Committee Chair