Registration Announcements

With only 4 days of Early Bird registration left, we have some important announcements to make!  We are humbled by the response to NATC 2017.  The following items are SOLD OUT.

  1. Marketplace booths:  We are officially sold out of marketplace booth space.
  2. Mini Intensives:  Edo Bayashi with Kyosuke Suzuki is officially sold out
    1. Both the Unit Souzou mini intensive and the Tiffany Tamaribuchi mini intensive still have space – but they are filling up quickly.
  3.  Housing: The housing request deadline was 4/25, and we are officially sold out of on campus housing dormitory space.  If you got your request in by 4/25, you should be fine.  We will be in touch soon with confirmation.

As a reminder, with the end of Early Bird registration also comes the end of the first tier of workshop request preferences.  So, please register by 4/30 to get an extra edge on your workshop placements.