Drummer's Circle Challenge (June 1st-30th)

Which corner of the taiko community can drum up the most support for NATC?

The Drummer’s Circle are those individuals and groups that help cover the cost of Conference through donations. TCA is committed to keeping Conference registration costs down to maximize accessibility. However, that means that registration fees only cover 65% of the cost of NATC. We rely on the generosity of the taiko community to help cover the rest.

This year, we are putting a twist on the Drummer's Circle! We're leveraging our social networks and adding a little friendly competition. We've split up into teams and a handful of taiko leaders have stepped up to serve as team captains.  They will be reaching out to their regions to drum up support for NATC. Let the games begin!

Pick your team:

Click on a team page or team captain below to show your support!


We welcome donations of any amount, and are offering the following donation levels and recognition.

$10-$99: A “Drummer’s Circle” ribbon to attach to your Name badge at NATC so everyone knows YOU were part of making the magic happen! If your group makes a donation, every member of your group who attends NATC will get a ribbon! (Ribbons will be provided at NATC Registration.)

$100-$249: A ribbon and a “Drummer’s Circle” button to attach to your bachi bag and share your legacy as a Conference supporter. If your group makes a donation, every member of your group who attends NATC in August will get a button, and we can send up to 5 extra buttons home with you for those members of your group who can’t attend! (But everyone should attend.)

$250: This level puts you in our Copper Sponsor category- please check our sponsor page for more information.