Welcome to San Diego from TCSD!

Sand beneath my feet. Warm sun on my face. Cool and refreshing ocean at my toes. The delicious aroma of a freshly-made burrito in one hand as I lounge on my Tommy Bahama beach chair…..

It’s winter in San Diego. Can you believe what it will be like then during the summertime when you all arrive!

On behalf of the taiko family here in San Diego, we cannot wait to share with you the vast abundance of amazing activities to do here in our wonderful city. San Diego is one of those places where you could hike in the cliffs, “travel” to another country by visiting any of the various multi-cultural events, get in touch with our wild companions at our world-famous zoo, and then zip down a roller coaster by the beach…..all in one day or two!

As we edge closer towards Spring and reflect on the rich array of events and people we have met through our performances this month, we saw that the taiko was more than an instrument on which we played music; it served as the conduit for us to truly see and experience all the different colors and diverse culture in our beautiful city.

And now, the taiko will be the connection for us to meet all of you in the greater community! Get ready to smile, laugh, and EAT. Folks who have visited Taiko Community San Diego know that when you step into our city, you’re not just seeing another place; you are visiting family.

Welcome to our home and get ready for the ultimate family reunion at North American Taiko Conference 2017

— Diana Wu, Naruwan Taiko, TCSD (Taiko Community San Diego)